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This is the Dawning of the Age Of Aquarius...Let The Sunshine In

Fading Through the Door Into Summer...

24 July
well, i love to write fanfiction, do fan art, and play on the web. for hours! some of my favorite bands are:
beatles, monkees, who, kinks, mamas and papas, lovin' spoonful, i really like donovan, but the bealtes are my all time favorite. i've been a beatles fan since about the of 2! i post ALOT, so, you've been warned. haha. i love to hold conversations, especially about music, the 1960's, or whatever's on your mind. so, message me, i'd love to talk. :)
i also post alot, check LJ almost everyday, and listen to music. i'm kind of bad at talking aobut myself, but ask me almost anything, i will usually answer. :)
i also have a fan fic up and running, it's titled 'the whiskey man' and it's all the who. check it out!