This is the Dawning of the Age Of Aquarius...Let The Sunshine In

Fading Through the Door Into Summer...

invasion of space, much?
i left my facebook wall page open, but the whole window was minimized, my mom opens it, and is reading through my whole facebook wall, and telling my aunt what all my friends are saying! what the hell?! then she yells at me when i ask her why she's going down my wall. and then everyone wonders why i hate my mother and her family. they're all dicks.

'Cause falling in love just breaks your heart.....
i am in love with andrew. i love him so, so much and he couldn't handle it.  i don't know what to do. i don't think he's even allowed to date, and i've kind of made it clear that i 'don't like him' in a cover up as to how much i really do love him. i mean, we can share anything with eachother, except that. we sat in the feild earlier, drinking jones soda, and jsut talked. i layed on my back, adn he sat up. 

we talked about those stupid videos about growing up and you genitalia in the intermediate level grades, etc. how stupid our generation is, when we'll have kids, etc.

he said i'll probably have twins, since my dad wasn't a twin. like he won't have twins, since his dad was a twin. lol, that's gonna be funny.  

they say a crush lasting more than 4 months is love. what should i do....

okay, okay, here's what really went down
with andrew, we walked fomr school to WIS, jokd around, etc. got there, baby sat two matthews, both in second graade. one mattthew ryan and the other matthew gavin. after word, we were killing time, sitting on the bench outsidde the school, sharing a sierra mist, and i tore out two apges from my notebok. something i never, EVER, do. i tore them out, and gave them to him. they were two doodle pages. :)

we then hung around his house for a while, internet, Tv, Fred.....ya dig. mushroom and sausage pizza from popalano's. it was cool. im now doodling once agin, hoping he'll get on facebook......

At Andrew's.
ya know, sitting at his mother's computer, posting some things, trolling tumblr. the usual. not much is going on.....walked form school to the intermediate school for his little sister hannah's girl scout meeting. screwed around there for a bit.

hopeing to post a new chapter of the whiskey man, book 2 sometime in the near future, hopefully tonight or tomorrow moring.....4th day of occupy tomorrow, then back to andrew's. :D


Awr what an exciting day <3
lots of hugs from andrew; alot he asked for.

while iw as painting today in mrs. sissell's room (read below to find out more) i was hanging in the crook of the door ever-so-seductivly and andrew walked by, i gave him a heart with my hands, and he blew me a kiss on his finger. i blew one back, on my finger as well, then waved and walked  back into the room. :O that was interesting...

now on about the painting. veteran's day is coming up, and S-team is doing a mural to enter in the competetiton, and i'm painting some of it. i worked by myself during math class, then i can back in TIP (study hall) and olivia and bridget are working already. >:( bridget i don't mind at all, bu olivia is rather messy, and she asked me during math if she could help, i, politely as i could, declined, saying i work best with solitude, but she comes in anyhow and completely disregards me. okay. that's cool. >:| so i stayed in for my lunch too. alone. :)

sucessful trick-or-treat :D
i went as a groupie, andrew went as a girl. he wore my dress lmfao when iwas asked what i was, i was saying 'i'm a groupie. i'm following the doors. i stole jim's aviators *hold up sunglasses* hope he doesn't miss 'em....' got a few laughs. lots of candy. :D i'm actually tired, and it's only 8:34...haha

was jsut messaging damien on fb, he said he mised me in newspaper. aww it made me awwww so hard. :)

andrew left his weird as fuck wig here....will return it tomorrow haha

here's a pic of me and andrew--and you'll finally see waht my face looks like! haha

Pink one with the fake glasses is me, and andrew is of course, the very white drag queen. lol

look at that epic high difference! :O

Legit jsut happened.

hannah (R):hello?
me: hi is andrew there?
Hannah: Yep
Andrew Hi bea
me: what cha doing tomorrow?
him: weell, elizabeth is coming over iin the morning. haha, wait that was rude....i probably shouldn't have said that. what about hanging in the morning?
me: i'm doing stuff in the morning. no.
Andrew: well whata---
Me: no, i see you're busy, bye.

*hangs up*

*half a second later, Ring ring*

him: did you say tomorrow or saturday?

me: Tomorrow!
him: well waht about saturday?
me: no i got stuff going on.
me: you're busy anyhow. bye.

damn, i am smooth at being rude.


i re-read the whole book and wrote a little bit. here's a little of the new 'book':
Ah! i'm so excited! :DCollapse )

Eventful day
watched Brother's grimm at school. 7th and 8th period was the school dance....andrew followed me like a creeper once again. after school, andrew hannah and i walk to the resale shop to find andrew some halloween attire. found him some tan pants, and a blonde wig.

after word, the three of us walk to DQ. andrew got a vanilla shake, hannah and i shared a caramel MooLatte. it was good. hannah asked andrew ome awk questions.
a.) do you masterbate?
b.) how often do you masterbate?
c.) who do you masterbate to?
d.) do you masterbate dry?
e.) how long is you shnaz? (*dick)

and we're just being all awkward and laughing. i'm almost slipping out of the chair laughing so hard.

and as andrew is picked up by his mommy in the school baseball feild, he drives by and yells "BYE BEA!!" andh annah says 'think about those questions, andrew!" and it was so funny.

Ah, puberty *whoremones.
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Amazing day!
cooked garlic-cheese biscuts in first hour, second hour played court, i was part of the jury. i was relally late to 2ed hour, over time in cooking, and everyone was like 'Bea's here! :D' and it made me feel loved. :) tibult sat behind me during the debate....;)

rest of the day passes, til 7th hour. we had a speaker come in and talk about drunk driving. his son was killed. he spoke ofr 2 hours, and i cried. i never cry during school, but that jsut killed it. it was so sad to see what he went through.

after school, decided to go walking with mady and cody. we went walking, pissed of cody, he leaves, then me and mady are hanging in the gazebo. who drives up in his red car? markus! :D i thought it was him. i was like 'dude is that markus' we're staring at each other. like, in the eye staring. i confirm it's him, then run for it. i was sooo excited to see markus! and he brought his friends, brittney and Dalton (who, might i mention, Omg he's adorkable. :))after word, they leave, and me and mady hang, and now you hear me now. :)

with andrew....he's leaving me for shannon. they're being all cutesyand buddy buddy. yaay....:(

i mean, listen to this: i've BABIED his ass for the last 3 or so years,and now that he's seen that i'm so rough'n'tough, he wants someone more plyable, clay-like. like her. shannon. i mean, i wanna liker her, but she's too depressing. never smiles, so dark mousy. so creepy and annoying. i mean, c'mon.....i have better talents than her, i am far more interesting, and i'm outgoing. i swear, you look at her at any given time of the day, she looks like her dog died. i swear. never a smile. i dunno. as long as he's happy i guess. whatever.

remember that one that one place....? haha me and zoho. XD


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